Dr Nitin G Dumore

Assistant Professor

Designation : Assistant Professor

Date of Birth : 29/11/1982

Unique ID : I-2484351073

Date of Joining the Institute : 01/07/2008  

Education Qualifications :   

UG PG Ph. D.
B-Pharm. M-Pharm. Ph. D.
2003 2008 2019

Work Experiences :   

Teaching Research Industry Others
15 3 2Year(Marketing) -

Area of Specialization : Pharmacology

Courses taught at Diploma/ Post Diploma/ Under Graduate/ Post Graduate/ Post Graduate Diploma Level :

Post Graduate:
Under Graduate Level (B. Pharm): :Pharmacology

Research Guidance :  

No. of papers published in National/ International Journals/ Conferences Master Ph.D.
Nil Nil

Projects Carried out : 0

Patents : 01

Technology Transfer : 0

Research Publications : 34

No. of Books published with details :   

Details of Books Published:
1) Book Title :Invitro models for cytotoxic evaluation of Herbal Plante xtract. Authors: Mr. Rohit Gupta,Dr. Nitin G Dumore, Mr Kishor Danav
2) Book Title: RP- HPLC determination of Antiamoebic drugs .Authors: Mr Kishor Danav, Dr. Nitin G Dumore, Mr. Rohit Gupta
3) Book Title: Textbook of Human Anatomy and Physiology .Authors: Dr. N. G Dumore,Ms. A .K Thakre, Dr. R .Mandade
4) Book Title: Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology Authors: Dr N .G Dumore,Mrs N.S Girhepunje,Mrs V. V Rokade,Mrs.M.N Dumore
5)Book Title: Textbook of Biochemistry. Authors: Mrs.V.V Rokade,Dr N .G Dumore,Mrs.M.N Dumore Mrs N.S Girhepunje